Our team is the major differentiating factor for us and a most valuable asset for each of our partner communities.  We are organized to perform and enhance our intentional focus on being the best and providing the best care for you and your residents. 
  • Our owner, John Hayes, PharmD – his commitment to being your partner isn’t limited to his endless availability to you but is instilled in each team member.  We understand and proudly work diligently to provide services to each resident.  With John’s clinical background and passion for serving, he is available to sit in meetings, clinical reviews or committees at your request. 
  • Pharmacists – each community is assigned a pharmacist that handles all daily activities for you specifically.  We get to know you and understand our customized business plan developed just for you, with you. 

  • Consulting Pharmacist – each community is also assigned a consulting pharmacist.  This enhances our relationship with any and all prescribers as they become accustomed to our recommendations, requests and general way of caring for the resident.  This is part of our continuum of care emphasis.

  • Internal Liaison - each community is assigned an internal liaison.  This person most likely will answer the phone and be able to answer most questions that occur during the normal course of business.  They also perform the majority of data entry for your residents.  This helps us keep an extra check on any contraindications of medications, changes to the MAR, benefit changes, etc.

  • Certified Pharmacy Technicians – Pharmacy Technicians are assigned to each facility.  This is another way of dedicating ourselves to you by allowing our teams to focus on specific communities and getting to know the routines and residents.  Consistency is a key to success

  • Packing Team – packing teams are assigned to each community.  This enhances our commitment to you and actively improving our service to you.  We get to know you and the residents in every possible way to create oneness between all of our care teams.
  • Delivery Team – generally, the same driver will make deliveries to your community as required.  This allows your team and the residents to be able to recognize us by face and create a positive, comfortable environment for their home.
  • Processing team – we have recently upgraded both hardware and software systems that optimize workflow systems while adding redundant systems such as bar code labeling and checking to help eliminate errors and ensure the effectiveness and safety of our processes.

  • Billing / Statement questions – we have one person assigned to field and answer all questions regarding accounts receivable.  She also handles each resident’s individual charge account.  She is available for family members as well as partner communities. 

  • Prior Authorization Liaison – we have committed a full time person to handle all prior authorizations needed.  This allows us to remain proactive ensuring your resident will not go without medication.  She also researches avenues to assist with medication costs and the proper plan selection for Medicare recipients.  This is part of our vision of being a total service partner for you.

  • Quality Assurance – each 3 to 6 months, we sit down with your facility team leaders to discuss the state of our service to you.  This allows for open dialogue in addressing any issues, large or small, that may have arisen.  After researching specifics, we formulate a corrective action plan and together, move forward and become better.  We also want to know the things we are doing well and incorporate them into our daily activities to ensure all our customers are experiencing the best possible service.  We are always looking for improvements and without knowing the pulse or our relationships, this is not possible.
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